Natural anti-thyroid symptoms

Do you have thyroid problems? Then you are probably aware that you are prescribed all kinds of medication, but that this does not always have the desired effect. Fortunately, you can also do a lot in a natural way to reduce your thyroid problems. Which natural remedies for thyroid problems are there?

Thyroid problems

Your thyroid gland is in your throat and ensures that thyroid hormones are produced. These are important for just about everything in your body. Your thyroid is necessary for your metabolism. If something is wrong with your thyroid gland, you can, for example, have problems with your weight . You can also become depressed and it is difficult to sleep. Your thyroid gland can be too slow or too fast. You can also suffer from Struma , or you may develop a thyroid cancer. All very annoying because it affects your whole life.

Natural medication

Today's medication is all made from products from nature. It is therefore not surprising that natural remedies can also function as medicines. You can reduce thyroid problems in natural ways.


Please note that you should not simply experiment with this. Some things we will mention here can always be tried, but when it is changes in your diet or when you are going to take supplements, it is always important to discuss this with your doctor. Never stop with your medication. This can be very harmful for your thyroid gland. The natural remedies we mention here can be tried when you still experience thyroid problems despite your medication use. Have your thyroid values ??always tested when you suspect that there may be something wrong with your thyroid gland.

Beware of gluten

Gluten can cause problems with your thyroid gland. Gluten is often thought to be celiac, but there are more people who are sensitive to gluten and who do not have celiac disease. So it is possible that you maintain Hashimoto's disease because of the gluten that you eat. Many thyroid patients benefit greatly when they eat gluten-free, so this is an opportunity to try.

Eat seaweed twice a week

Seaweed is not eaten much in Dutch cuisine and that is a shame. It is full of iodine and therefore it is perfect for thyroid patients to eat regularly. Indeed, iodine is important for a healthy thyroid gland. For example, make miso soup or try other delicious dishes with seaweed, find here various products with seaweed (aff.). Do not you really like seaweed? Then you could also consider a supplement with iodine.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is seen as a power food because it is very healthy for you. It can increase your metabolism considerably and is also good for your skin. Especially people with a slow thyroid can benefit from this. The difference can already be seen with a teaspoon per day. You can also cook with it, but many good substances disappear when you heat the coconut oil.

Avoid eating sugars

Just like eating gluten, eating sugars can also cause your thyroid gland to become slightly disturbed. It can therefore help you not to eat too many added sugars. So avoid too much candy or soft drinks. Also watch out for example with white rice or white pasta. Fruit can, in itself, pay attention to the added sugars. This can make a big difference in how you feel in many people.

Getting in motion every day

Exercise is actually a good medicine against countless complaints, and this also applies to complaints that may arise if your thyroid does not function properly. By exercising you can increase your metabolism, which gives you more energy and easier weight loss. It is especially important for people with a slow thyroid gland that they move regularly. Getting around every day can really help.

Supplements that can help

There are also a number of supplements that can help you feel better with thyroid problems. It can help to use these when you do not get enough through your diet. Be careful to always eat healthy. Supplements are not intended as a supplement for nothing and not as a replacement for healthy food. Supplements that you could try are supplements with iodine, selenium, magnesium or vitamin B12.